Banking & Finance

LexisNexis has a suite of business software solutions tailored to the financial services industry. These have been designed to improve profitability, gain operational efficiency, enhance customer experience and achieve compliance.

Our innate understanding of business process integration and our long history of technology innovation make us the ideal business partner for medium and large enterprises, public institutions and financial organisations. With a strong heritage in bank-focused systems, and as trusted business partners recognised for providing solutions that simplify complex business processes, we have a keen appreciation for the integrity and security of information and process management.

  • WebConvey

    WebConvey is a comprehensive web-based conveyancing process and panel management software that facilitates the processing of bonds, cancellations and transfers.

    WebConvey integrates directly with the bank’s back-end systems, allowing data to be collected from various independent sources into a single matter, ready for checking and instruction. It also allows the bank greater control and visibility of the entire conveyancing process. WebConvey uses built-in business rules and logic to allow banks to simply and easily monitor and control all their matters.

  • Gateway

    Gateway is a business-to-business (B2B) collaboration platform (switch) for all property stakeholders.

    Gateway enables secure, structured communication from within stakeholders’ internal systems. It allows attorneys to collaborate with one another, banks to communicate directly with attorneys, and links external parties such as the Deeds Office, estate agents, mortgage originators and customers. We’ve pioneered convenient, electronic integration to SARS, providing seamless communication between attorneys and SARS and enabling electronic processes for requests and submission of documents for transfer duty applications.

  • Guarantee Hub

    Guarantee Hub is designed to improve the process of requesting, issuing and accepting guarantees, while providing banks with improved visibility and control of the guarantee process.

    Guarantee Hub digitises a manual, labour-intensive process, ensuring faster turnaround times and reduced fraudulent activity. With broad acceptance from all major banks, it’s fast becoming the standard for the issuing of guarantees in the market.

  • GhostInstruct

    GhostInstruct is a web-based, out-of-the-box attorney instruction and pipeline management solution.

    Launched in 2008, this web-based solution enables banks, property developers and others to both instruct and collaborate with attorneys electronically and enables banks to electronically instruct and manage attorney panels. It also provides a secure, auditable communication trail.

  • Lexis® DocExchange

    Eliminating the need to courier physical documents between stakeholders, it will speed up turnaround times and save time and money.

    The system automatically generates a list of documents that might need to be uploaded for a particular matter. Once all documents in this pack have been uploaded and verified at the attorney office, the pack is submitted to the Bank for approval and the bank is automatically alerted. A full audit trail of all document actions on the matter is kept.
  • Lexis® DocAssembly

    Currently being used by a number of banks and other vendors, our online document assembly solution allows for easy updates of documents that take effect immediately.

    This centralised repository ensures only one version of the document is available in the market place and also provides increased control over document changes. Lexis® DocAssembly assembles documents with data received from the attorney’s system and produces these in a tamper-proof format, providing validation of data from the source.

  • WinDeed

    WinDeed is the market leader in online property searches.

    WinDeed is essential for anyone who is involved in the searching and profiling of individuals, companies and properties. The WinDeed search site ( allows quick access to searches and ensures customers always have access the newest searches and functionality.