Conveyancing Attorneys

From workflow management and process automation to marketing your business and providing you with the latest industry news and view, our range of solutions have got your conveyancing needs covered! GhostConvey is an all-in-one conveyancing management system that automates document assembly, as well as facilitating communication between all stakeholders within the property industry. As market leaders, we strive to provide a solution that simplifies ordinarily complex processes.

GhostConvey is no longer a luxury at attorney offices, it has become a necessity. It enhances the operation of both large-scale and smaller firms, all of whom are able to reduce costs and grow their overall business efficiency.


  • GhostConvey

    For over 30 years, GhostConvey has been, and remains, the market-leading conveyancing software among South African attorneys.

    This conveyancing workflow system automates document assembly and the correspondence associated with mortgage bond registrations, consents and property transfers. GhostConvey integrates seamlessly with banks, municipalities, attorneys and accounting systems. It provides for automated and manual communication and reporting to all stakeholders and allows users to perform all property-related Deeds Office searches.

    GhostConvey is committed not only to simplifying the conveyancing process, but also to providing world-class solutions and support.

  • is an innovative online solution that assists municipalities in the processing and issuing of rates clearance certificates. provides both attorneys and municipalities with the mechanism to electronically transfer information regarding the rates clearance process, with its integrated two-way messaging system. It provides a centralised and secure platform for communication as well as storing documents relevant to each application. With, attorneys are able to electronically apply for rates clearance figures and certificates from councils directly from GhostConvey.

  • WinDeed

    WinDeed’s collection of easy-to-use searches providing a single point of access to information from a variety of data sources including the Deeds Office and Credit Bureaus.

    WinDeed is essential for anyone who is involved in the searching and profiling of individuals, companies and properties. The WinDeed search site allows quick access to searches and ensures that customers are always on the latest version with all the newest searches and functionality.

  • GhostDigest

    GhostDigest is a website aimed at helping the conveyancing profession practise more profitably.

    Conveyancing is a dynamic area of the law and as technology develops, so too will the opportunities to increase profits and cut expenses. GhostDigest is essentially a bird’s-eye view of what is happening in the conveyancing profession, and as such it gives practitioners the bigger picture as to what other Firms are doing.

  • GhostMarketer

    GhostMarketer is a customer relationship management tool designed to manage all your GhostConvey contacts and client communication.

    With its customisable templates, GhostMarketer will not only allow your firm to efficiently manage client relationships, but will also assist in strengthening your firm’s brand image. Features include customisable email templates, scheduled and ad-hoc emails, targeted and personalised bulk emails and SMSs, and reminders of important dates, including client birthdays and transfer anniversaries.

  • Lexis® DocAssembly

    Currently being used by a number of banks and other vendors, our online document assembly solution allows for easy updates of documents that take effect immediately.

    This centralised repository ensures only one version of the document is available in the market place and also provides increased control over document changes. Lexis® DocAssembly assembles documents with data received from the attorney’s system and produces these in a tamper-proof format, providing validation of data from the source.

  • Gateway

    Gateway is a business-to-business (B2B) collaboration platform (switch) for all property stakeholders.

    Gateway enables secure, structured communication from within stakeholders’ internal systems. It allows attorneys to collaborate with one another, banks to communicate directly with attorneys, and links external parties such as the Deeds Office, estate agents, mortgage originators and customers. We’ve pioneered convenient, electronic integration to SARS, providing seamless communication between attorneys and SARS and enabling electronic processes for requests and submission of documents for transfer duty applications.