Our online solutions can help your municipality become more efficient and improve its environmental footprint.
With more than 50 councils across South Africa accepting electronic rates clearance certificates, is the country’s leading online solution in the municipal arena. Linking conveyancing attorneys and municipalities, it provides the easiest way to communicate and send relevant information to any of our live councils, no matter where you are.
  • is an innovative online solution that assists municipalities in the processing and issuing of rates clearance certificates. provides both attorneys and municipalities with the mechanism to electronically transfer information regarding the rates clearance process, with its integrated two-way messaging system. It provides a centralised and secure platform for communication as well as storing documents relevant to each application. With, attorneys are able to electronically apply for rates clearance figures and certificates from councils directly from GhostConvey. has not only proven to be both secure and convenient, but has also been shown to dramatically reduce costs while at the same time increasing revenue, as the entire process is electronic. All communication is recorded on a secure platform so as to ensure that a full audit trail is available, and each transaction is date and time-stamped to ensure that integrity and transparency is maintained throughout the process between the municipality and attorney.

  • WinDeed

    WinDeed’s collection of easy-to-use searches provide a single point of access to information from a variety of data sources including the Deeds Office and Credit Bureaus.

    WinDeed is essential for anyone involved in the searching and profiling of individuals, companies and properties. The WinDeed search site allows quick access to searches and ensures that customers are always on the latest version with all the newest searches and functionality.